Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events


Angel Light Initiation

This distance learning course includes a preparation exercise, a simple Invocation method and 4 initiations which are given as one attunement.

The initiations are as:

The Third Eye Initiation - Although there are different variations of Third Eye Initiations which have been passed down in various beliefs such as Wicca, Buddhism, Tibetan teachings, we will use the mandala which originated in Eastern religions. It is circular and represents the Universe and wholeness. The mandala has been used by many to align themselves to the Angels.

Upper Astral Crown Initiation - helping you to open up a clear channel to the Angels to help you to accept messages and healing directly.

The Heart Initiation - helps to open the heart chakra, which is important when working with any type of healing energy. This Initiation plants a seed but it is up to you to work with and develop the energy through meditation and practice.

Angel Initiation- These initiations aim to connect you directly a spiritual presence, a new guide or angel guide. It is the final attunement in the set and the most important. You are open and you are ready. This initiation is for channelling healing, receiving guidance and forming a connection to celestial beings. It is usual to feel waves of pure love and energy washing over you as the Angels make themselves known. Please note that Angel Light Initiation is not connected with the Lightarian Institute AngelLinks TM.

A suitable time will be arranged for you to receive the attunement in the comfort of your own home, which will enable you to have a stronger connection with the Angels and assist your personal and spiritual development.

Includes 4 initiations which are given as one attunement and a certificate.

Cost £15





Celtic Reiki


Celtic Reiki  discovered by Martyn Pentecost, a Reiki Master/Teacher based in Croyden, England, which uses vibrations from the Earth and certain types of trees & plants to create energies ideal for both healing and manifestation. Although similar to Usui Reiki, this is an Earth energy and so it is channelled upwards through the lower chakras rather than through the crown chakra as in Usui Reiki.


Celtic Reiki uses various symbols which are very straightforward and based on the ancient Druid alphabet. You also learn some Celtic philosophy and tradition along with some new techniques which are based on Celtic rituals. It can be used to treat many health issues as well as helping you and your clients to attain desires and goals.


There are three levels of Celtic Reiki and you must start by being attuned to Celtic Level 1 even if you are an experienced Usui Reiki Practitioner or Master. And as with Usui Reiki, it is advised that a period of adjustment, integration of energies and learning of techniques and materials takes place between each attunement level.


At least a week is advised but you may feel that a longer period of adjustment and learning are appropriate. There are six symbols to learn with each level. Master level gives you the opportunity to teach and pass on this energy to others.


This Attunement package includes: Three separate Attunements to each level; A Manual per level; A Printed Certificate for each level.


Costs £15 per level


Here is a list of  attunements that can be passed on Distantly

 Templar Degree Reiki

The Templar Degree is the symbol of Oneness and the manifestation of Christ Consciousness into our world. The symbol was received in July, 1998 by Reiki Master/Teacher, Darla Traylor, through a transmission from the Ascended Master Sananda and Archangels Metatron and Melchizedek.

This beautiful attunement is for those Reiki Masters who feel drawn to receive it, and is generally considered to be one of the most positive experiences we will encounter on our Reiki path. You must be an Usui Reiki Master to receive the Templar Degree attunement.

You will receive one attunement to connect you to the Symbol of Oneness, a manual and a ‘Templar Degree Master Teacher’ certificate suitable for framing.


Available to everyone

Distant attunement £ 10.00



Tibetan Reiki


Tibetan reiki provides a complete system of energy healing that assists in bringing our energies into harmony and balance. Although it is not possible to prove or disprove whether this system actually originated in Tibet (since the symbols do not come from the Tibetan Sanskrit language), the spiritual information of each symbol is however similar to that found in many Eastern philosophies.

The Tibetan Reiki Attunement can be given in person either individually or in a group setting at one of our workshops, or it can be given through Distant Attunement supported by relevant learning materials and further reading sent either through post or email.

There are 18 symbols used in Tibetan Reiki and their uses are taught including:
- chakra empowerment
- the gate to parallel dimensions
- strengthening the Light Body
- connection between Spirit and matter
- cleansing and opening the third eye channels
- revitalising the chakra system
- changing and replacing DNA
- balancing the two sides of the body
- receiving spiritual advice and guidance
- knowledge of hidden mysteries
- invocation of beneficial spiritual entities

The Tibetan Reiki course also covers the following topics:
- Mental healing technique
- Distance healing technique
- Tree of Life meditation
- Usui master mantra
- Archangel Michael’s sword technique
- Solar Angels
- Attunement procedures for in-person, distant, group and self-attunements, plus a special method using the assistance of the Solar Angels.

You will receive 1 attunement, a manual and a ‘Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher’ certificate suitable for framing.


You must already be a Usui Reiki Master in order to receive this attunement.

Distant attunement £25.00




 Silver Violet Flame


The Silver Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual energy, which has been known to spiritual adepts for thousands of years. It was re-introduced by the Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and is the seventh ray of God’s / the Universe’s consciousness. The Violet Flame is for those who hear the call of Community or spiritual service to mankind, and it also provides the wisdom needed to overcome the selfishness in our lives.


It can be invoked by reciting special kinds of prayers known as decrees or mantras, and when combined with meditation and visualisation, the violet flame has the power to change or transmute the negative energy manifesting at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This negative energy may take the form of illness, stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, hate, anger or unwanted habits etc, all of which prevent us from experiencing the beauty and joy of our higher spiritual nature.


The Silver Violet Flame possesses the qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness and mercy. When the decrees are recited with devotion, the Silver Violet Flame permeates every cell and atom of our body, mind, emotions and even our subconscious memory. It actually steps up the vibration of the electrons, so we resonate more with the pure cosmic energy that comes from our God Presence. As a result, the Violet Flame transmutes anything negative that is lodged within our spiritual or physical being, including everything from self-hatred to physical viruses.


As well as expelling toxins lodged in our physical organs, the Silver Violet Flame can also transmute the karmas and traumas of our present and past lives, which are recorded in our etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Sometimes our personal karma feels like a heavy weight, but by invoking the Violet Flame we will feel lighter and less burdened since it literally consumes the cause of our personal problems. In other words, the Silver Violet Flame clears the records of past lifetimes, thereby raising our self-esteem and helping us to be happy with ourselves. In receiving the Silver Violet Flame attunement and using it in conjunction with the regular process of decrees, meditation and visualisation, you will speed up the transmutation process.


This package includes:

One Attunement to Master level of Silver Violet

A Manual

A Printed Certificate.



Distant Attunements £15.00


Imara Reiki


Imara Reiki is a powerful system of Reiki developed by Barton & Geoffrey Wendel, it is of a higher vibration energy level than most common Reiki systems. The name “Imara” simply put means "more” .


Reiki can be split up into vibration (frequency) bands. Imara Reiki is a “Level 5” on the “Reiki scale”.  To simplify things...... Traditional Usui Reiki is level 1-3 (First, second and Master levels and Karuna Reiki is considered Level 4. Imara Reiki is Level 5...


This is a very intense form of Reiki energy and is therefore only available to Reiki Masters. You will notice the energy has a slightly different feel about it yet it is very simple to use:-

  • You do not need symbols
  • Attunements are very simple
  • Distance healing methods are also very simple BUT strong.

Many users will experience a Strong Spiritual Connection and it can also help to to heal past life and trauma issues.


Once you are attuned to Imara Reiki, it is extremely simple to use the energy, especially compared to Usui or Karuna. Until now, Imara Reiki has not been very widely used.


 This package includes:


One Attunement to Imara Master Level

 A Manual

A Printed Certificate.


Distant Attunement £10.00


Karmic Reiki


Karmic Reiki is the Reiki version of regression therapy!


Created by Martyn Pentecost, Karmic Reiki is a great style of Reiki which is used in a different way to help deal with the various issues that arise from negative karmic events.

It is a style of Reiki that uses incredibly powerful frequencies of energy to deal with Karmic issues and to help the client to connect with their guides for complete karmic healing.

There are 5 Karmic Reiki symbols: 2 are used as other Reiki symbols to help ease the effects of ‘anonymous’ karma and 3 others which provide extremely powerful frequencies of energy which can bring about truly amazing results, even revealing in great detail events from people’s past lives. 

This attunement is only available to Second Degree Reiki Practitioners


This package includes:


Two Attunements

A Manual

A Printed Certificate.



Distant Attunement £15.00



Elemental Reiki

Elemental Reiki is one of my favourites and was developed by Rebecca Doolin.  It uses 8 symbols derived from Goddess, Elemental, and Pagan symbology .

This is a very unique but easy to understand style of Reiki and combines healing energies as well as connecting you with the elements.

This course will show you the various frequencies of the energy symbols and guide you in techniques that you can use to improve and enrich your life.

Usui Masters only need to receive one attunements, others will have to reach Master level or receive 2 attunements in Elemental Reiki. If you need 2 attunements, they will be given separately.

Here's what you will receive:-

Either 1 or 2 attunements depending on your present level

A Manual

A Printed Certificate.

Distant Attunement £15.00

White Dove Reiki

White Dove Reiki was given to the Rev. Richard D.Kidd during a meditation, it was a peaceful and enlightening happening and this is the way White Dove attunements are usually received.


White Dove Reiki uses the concept of visualising the energy being carried on the Dove's wings, delivered to and absorbed by the reciepient.  In this way all the reiki energies can be concentrated directly into the Dove.  The White Dove represents the purity of energy which gives you the ability to have the purity and freeness of the White Dove to assist you with your healing and attunement processes.


White Dove can be incorporated with all other Reiki modalities as it provides a focal point for you to direct your energy.


This attunement is only available to Reiki Masters


This package includes:

One Attunement to White Dove Reiki.


A Manual


A Printed Certificate.


Distant attunement £10.00


Abundance Reiki


(Money reiki) - Levels one, two and three. Increase the flow of abundance in your life. Be it financial, spiritual, whatever you need. This energy will help you acheive your goals. You can empower an object to keep close to you, send abundance reiki to a job, relationship, bank account, spiritual long as your intention is good then the energy will help you.


Package includes


A Manual


Printed Certificate 


Distant Attunement £15 per Level


Level one


level two


Level Three