Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Guided Touch feedback


Dearest Jodie;


After the Guided Touch (reading and healing) treatment, I received from you. I did verbally confirm, that everything in your reading during my session,and in our discussion afterwards was spot on.


However, what really impressed me was the following:


As to how extremely receptive and sensitive you where to any information passed onto you. This included from the minor stuff, like a problem in my left hip. The problem in my left hip was merely caused by sitting crossed legged on a train earlier and not bothering to stretch. Too getting right down to the stuff I was aware of, but hoped to God nobody else was.


You should also be commended on one more thing. Even though I did at times feel quite stripped naked with all of this deep rooted and more obvious information about me being brought forth and recorded. And that is your professionalism.


Although I was not absolutely convinced that a lot of healing did take place during the session, I can now confirm that it did. It however took me a few days to notice it truly.


Like a fool, I also dismissed some of your advice and like the fool, I had to pay the price for that.


I honestly belief that you are exceptionally good at what you do. Good luck with your career.


I also do hope that I will once again have the pleasure of you having a chat with my spiritual guide.


Best of wishes and thanks again.


T.W, Nottingham, England


This experience was phenomonal. I now know where I am going and feel cleansed from the rubbish of my past. The sensation of Quantum Touch was of a beauty rarely experienced and a peace I have not felt in a long time. Sincere guidance given and many questions also answered effecting positivity both in my personal and professional persona

Thanks Excellant xx  

B.S Grantham, England


Your Guided Touch Therapy is absolutely excellent, you hit the real problems right on the head. Can't believe how good this is, feel so much lighter especially as I was carrying alot of emotional baggage.

I will recommend this to everyone...

Thanks Jodie

J.C Grantham, England.

Thanks Jodie!

 Guided Touch was a truely beautiful, deeply spiritual healing experience.

To actually be able to meet my spirit guide was an incredibly uplifting occurance and something I will carry with me always thanks again

Graham. Derby, England

Lots of useful info which confirmed I am on the right path. Felt safe with the energy in my body whilst healing/reading was happening. Felt very comfortable with you Jodie and very confident in the info given

Thanks G.H Derby, England


This was a very worthwhile therapy which has helped to understand some of the things that have been going on in my life at the moment. It was also very reasurring to know that my guide is near. During the reading/healing my guide confirmed somethings that I have been thinking

Wonderful- thank you so much.

T. Mc V. Swineshead, England


A new experience but very enjoyable and very relaxing. Would definately do this again. I had a lot of  confirmation on certain thing I knew of so trust the guidance 100%


 Thank you J.S Mansfield, England