Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Distant courses via MSN

Interested in some of my courses but live too far away?

This may be the answer for you.......

Most of my courses can be done via MSN Messanger learning, where we arrange a suitable time for us both to sit down and chat through the Manuals and/or to  receive the Attunement... Once the course has been completed then your certificate will be posted out to you

You will receive all manual or experiments via email with full support both before, during and after the course has taken place

This Method works very well on spiritually advancing experiments and all Reiki and Healing Systems

Prices are below for this method of learning

Pyschic Experiments 1hr £20.00

I  will give you a number of pyschic exercises you can do with feedback from myself on how accurate you were.

Connecting to Spirit 1hr £20.00

I will give you step by step methods on how to open up safely, explain how you get a connection and link in myself so I can give you the confirmation that you need. This will be on going learning as each time you connect the stronger the link becomes.


All other courses on my web site add £5.00 an hour for this 1-2-1 advice