Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events






Angel Cards






Psychic and Mediumship


Angel, Psychic and Mediumship                    



I am a fully qualified and experienced further education teacher. I have a 7307 stage 2 certificates and D32/33 assessorís award.




Reiki Level 1

You will receive  an Attunement Ceremony which re-opens up the healing  channel from within. You will learn the background of Mikao Usui, State the five Reiki    Principles and Practice the Usui Meditations and Self healing methods. An understanding of the chakra system and learn Cleansing, Grounding & Protection methods

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Reiki Level 2

You will be Introduced to and practice the drawing of the Reiki Symbols, are Shown optional hand techniques and methods for treatment on others. I Introduce the  use of crystals  with Reiki on this level and how to send distant healing to loved ones using the  distant healing symbol

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Reiki Level 3

This Level allows you to give  a  powerful healing Attunement, this symbol empowers all the other symbols. You can give the same amount of energy in just 15mins instead of one hour. This level does not include the teaching of Attunements

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Reiki Level 4

Learn how to give  Attunement ceremonies, set Aim & Objectives You are given step by step instructions enabling you to help others become Reiki channels. A C.D with    everything you need to start is also supplied and of course guidance if neededClick here for more information



Reiki Level 3 and 4

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Working with the Angels

A distant learning course  on the Angels and Archangels, how they help us and how to invoke. Included is the Colours of Angels Attunement.



Healing with the Angels

A distant learning course on Healing techniques as taught by Doreen virtue included is the Angels of Light Attunement.