Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Private Clairvoyant/Mediumistic Demonstrations

Have you been to a large Demonstration left feeling disappointed you didn't receive a message from a loved one?

Yes? I know I have!

My answer to this... host a Demonstration in the comfort of your own home with your friends and family, all you need is 10 or more people to attend

You will be more likely to receive a message from your loved ones this way, I can not guarantee everyone will get a message but they can be emotional, fun and interesting times

You can included in the Demo

  • Messages from the Spirit world
  • Working Psychically (receiving information from a living person)
  • Psychometry
  • Photo's

Price is just £10 per person with the host being free of charge (minimum of 10 people required) 

If you are interested in hosting a demonstration please give me a ring to book on 07708409340