Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Psychic Parties

Party 1 £15

These parties are very popular and a great way to bring people together

The party is geared around psychic activities but can include Paranormal techniques too

On the evening you will have the chance to work with some or all of :-

Psychometry – Psychometry- hold an object and pick up the energies of the owner

Pendulum Dowsing – Pendulums give us quick yes-no answers, and help with finding things

Ribbons- using the ribbons to collect information from someone else within your group

Angel cards- choose a card to see what you can pick up from someone else in the room

Photo's - using photos to gain information about someone psychically

Party idea 2 £20

As party 1 but to include a 30 minute clairvoyant demonstration or 1 paranormal activity from the list

Party Idea 3 £30

Private readings for you and your friends, minimum of 4 required (travelling expenses may occur)

Paranormal Activities

Spirit rings, vigils, Seances, Table tipping, Scrying,  Message boards, Planchette, Human pendulums, Pendulums, Ribbons, Automatic writing

Private Readings Available

Mediumship Readings – Mediumship is the ability to connect to the spirit world

Psychic Tarot Readings – The Tarot has been used for centuries to foresee the future

Clairvoyant Reading  Clairvoyance means clear seeing, the gift of foreseeing the ‘unknown’

Angel Readings – Angel readings are conducted using angel cards to tap into angelic energies

Oracle Card Readings – Oracle cards are a different kind of divination cards, similar to Tarot