Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

 I cannot put down in words exactly what I do, but I will try......

 When I was a child I had " the gift " but ignored it when I was growing up. I cannot remember having it but my Mum insists this is not a new thing for me........

Once I started my Reiki journey it all came flooding back slowly but surely and 9 years ago I found myself being asked to sit in a circle at the Spiritual Church in Sleaford where I have had expert guidance from Judy.

I have trained really hard and excepted what has come though mostly without my ego getting in the way (not always managed it!) 

I connect to spirit and give very accurate information about the person I am communicating to. I will not move on to the messages until my description of the communicator is taken and you know who i'm talking too.

If you have a psychic and mediumistic reading then I tell you how I am getting the information as I go along and of course you are more than welcome to ask questions if you are not sure about anything.

I have a very strong bond with my guides and believe in them wholeheartedly, I have also had the pleasure of introducing quite a few guides to others too though Guided touch

I have no gadgets just a voice recorder and my voice is needed. I can connect to spirit anyplace, anyhow, anytime by hearing them ( clairaudiant), seeing them(clairvoyant) or feeling them (clairsentient).

Readings can be either in person or by phone


If you would like to book a Reading then please contact me by E mail