Jodie Robertson Aitken

Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Reiki Degree level 1


Giving yourself the gift of Reiki is life changing…


Everyone is born with the ability to heal, but unless we are shown how, the Universal Life Force energy will just lay dormant inside us.


On your Reiki level 1 you will be re-attuned to the Energy and shown how to use this gift for yourself and your loved ones.



Reiki is like a form of first aid in your hands that will never leave you once re-attuned. 


The Energy will flow through your hands, eyes and mouth whenever you touch, blow or look with healing intent. 




Reiki Level 1 gives you the ability to treat anything and everything with a living Aura, here are a few idea’s Reiki is mostly used for


  • Yourself and your loved ones
  • Animals, plants and trees
  • Any edible Food, water or prescription medication
  • Cleansing rooms or objects



Reiki should be used in combination with medical advice and treatment as well as other complementary therapies.



Here are the outlines of this one day course:-


  • Your Attunement to this amazing Life force Energy
  • What Reiki is and the benefits it can bring you
  • The 5 Reiki Principles
  • History of Reiki and how it was rediscovered
  • Introduction to Chakras and their colours
  • Cleansing, grounding and protection techniques and symbols
  • Affirmations and invocations
  • The 1-5 Technique          
  • The Method of a self treatment
  • Contraindications to Reiki
  • Guide to interpreting sensations
  • Practical exercises of giving and receiving Reiki




After your course you will have the ability to give yourself Reiki every day, even if only for 10 minutes… each time you connect with this wonderful energy you will become more relaxed, calm and centred (only if used every day).


This course is very hands on as I believe seeing and doing is the best method of learning


Following the attunement there is a 21 day Cleansing period. This could be a subtle experience or an overwhelming transition… giving yourself Reiki everyday will help you through this.


If you have a Spiritual nature you may find your vibration heightening and your connections easier to understand, many students have found this the beginning of many personal changes that have been greatly needed.


Once completed, you will receive an illustrated Reiki Manual produced by myself, A First Degree Reiki Certificate recognised by governing bodies and on-going support and advice whenever needed.


I have a Teachers Degree 7307 stage 2 and assessors awards D32/33. My courses are structured but relaxing


Reiki Degree 1, one-day course costs £100 and can be either booked on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group course.


Reiki Level 1 offer until 31-3-2012 one day course £65 (Group bookings only)


please ring 07708 409340 to book your place