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Spiritualist Medium and Organiser of Paranormal Activity Events

Sharings Peoples thoughts on Angel & Reiki Healing sessions, Readings and Courses....

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Hi Jodie, Many thanks for the Angel attunements and beautiful meditations i rec'd in the Working and Healing with Angels courses. During the Angels of Light Attunement I was honoured to experience beautiful colours in a circle up above and Angels of Light descending from this towards me. I know others on the courses had some wonderful things to!! It was beautiful and I am so happy to have the tools I need to listen to my own Angels. So thanks, and good luck..... J.C

Jodie first started me on my development path during a reading in which she highlighted several factors which I have always known but have never acknowledged or had the courage to pursue. She gave me this encouragement and advised me how to commence walking on my path towards my destiny. I have attended several of Jodies courses and as a result now have the confidence to pursue my future in several areas, i.e. healing, angels and hopefully in the future mediumship and working with crystals and colour healing. The reading in a little village hall has totally changed my life and given me the much needed confidence to get to grips with the new path I have to follow. Hopefully - NO! SURELY one day I will make it. I regularly contact Jodie for advise and am always informed of new courses/classes which can help me to proceed to where I need to be. I wish Jodie every success. Behind every lightworker the lessons of dealing with sorrow and heartbreak have been learned for that is what makes us who we are. Keep up the good work Jodie in love and light

Hi Jodie,

I'm not sure there are really words for what you gave me this morning. For the first time in over 5 years I feel a little peace with something I have never to come close to accepting. And I am sure that over the next weeks and months your words today will help to enhance that feeling and lead me to a happier place.

Thank you for your time, your patience, your professionalism and your friendship. You have an amazing gift, in fact you have many. I am so glad to have met you.

Lots of Love Anna xxx


Amazing hands, just like ten people healing me in one go, I had to open my eyes to see if Jodie was still on her own. Very talented lady G.H

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It is frightening just how much Jodie knows... pleased I dont have any secrets.... as they wouldn't be after a reading S A


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I have been coming to Jodie now for a number of years and have just tried out the newie...Didn't think it could get better, but how wrong was I. C H 

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